The Department of Anesthesia of the University of Nairobi offers the main focal point of training in critical spectra of medicine. Anaesthesia has evolved as a major specialty in facilitating care and progressively developed multiple lines of engagement.

Basic anesthetic training is offered to undergraduate students from School of Medicine and School of Dental Sciences, while exposure and clinical placement is facilitated for multiple postgraduate programs from Departments with strong surgical and clinical alignments. These include the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics & Child Health, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery and Otorhinolaryngology as well as Orthopedics.


To be a centre of excellence committed to provision of world class anaesthesia and critical care training, research and quality care.


To train high quality health care anaesthesiologists; carry out creative and innovative research to address current and emerging anaesthesia and critical care challenges; set, promote and apply international standards in evidence based anaesthesia and critical care provision and be at the fore-front of national and global anaesthesia and critical care policy formulation.


  1. Espouse and impart virtues of professional ethics and high moral standards in research and practice.
  2. Espouse truth, honesty, integrity, tolerance and accountability.
  3. Promote evidence based health-care provision.
  4. Provide leadership in setting National and International Health Agenda.
  5. Promote innovative research for benefit of human kind.
  6. Promote meritocracy and team work in research and practice.
  7. Nurture response professionalism through mentorship programs.
  8. Promote gender sensitivity in training, research and practice.
  9. Promote sensitivity and responsiveness to environment.
  10. Promote good management of resources in training, research and practice.