Electronic Poster Presentations

Three M.MED Anaesthesia Residents (Year 1 Part 2)Presented Electonic Posters at the 26th KSA and 6th CCSK Annual Scientific Conference.

1. Dr. Teddy Were 

Title: Opiod Tolerance: Challenges Faced with Pain Management

Supervisor: Dr. Timothy Mwiti (Consultant Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist UoN)

2. Dr. Bundi Mokeira

Title: Anesthetic Management of a Patient with Previous Pneumonectomy Scheduled for Total Abdominal Hysterectomy: a Case Report

Supervisor: Dr. Peter V. Muchiri (Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologist UoN/KNH)

3. Dr. Sameera Ramzan

Title: TB Spine; Anesthetic Pulmonary Challenges; a Case Repport

Dr. Jane Gwaro( Senior Anesthesiologist and Neuro Anesthesia Specialist KNH)


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Leisure Lodge, Diani Mombasa
Dr. Caroline Mwangi
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