Vision, Mission, Objectives and Core Values


To be a centre of excellence commited to provision of world class anaesthesia and critical care training, research and quality care.


To train high quality health care anaesthesiologists; carry out creative and innovative research to address current and emerging anaesthesia and critical care challenges; set, promote and apply international standards in evidence based anaesthesia and critical care provision and be at the fore-front of national and global anaesthesia and critical care policy formulation.


  • To train in teaching, research and anesthesia healthcare delivery systems.
  • To produce anaesthesiologists with requisite knowledge and skills for provision of holistic health care.
  • To generate, disseminate and preserve new knowledge and skills relevant to anaesthesia and critical care provision.
  • To conduct continuing education,instill requisite skills and discipline expected of ethical service driven graduates for provision of anaesthesia and critical care services.

Core Values

  • Espouse and impart virtues of professional ethics and high moral standards in research and practice
  • Espouse truth, honesty, integrity, tolerance and accountability
  • Promote evidence based health-care provision
  • Provide leadership in setting National and International Health Agenda
  • Promote innovative research for benefit of human kind
  • Promote meritocracy and team work in research and practice
  • Nurture responsible professionalism through mentorship programs
  • Promote gender sensitivity in training, research and practice
  • Promote sensitivity and responsiveness to environment
  • Promote good management of resources in training, research and practice