The Kenya Journal of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. A Scientific Publication of the Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists Volume 2

Editor- in-Chief: Dr. Louis Litswa (Chair, KSA and Anaesthesiologist)


1. Dr. Thomas Chokwe (HOD and Snr. Lecturer Anaesthesia Dept)

2. Dr. Jane Gwaro

3. Dr. Zipporah Gathuya

4. Dr. George Njogu

5. Dr. David Misango

6. Dr. Idris Chikophe

7. Dr. Carolyne Njoki

Dr. Thomas Chokwe (HOD and Snr Lecturer, Anaesthesia Dept)


Dr. George Njogu (Consultant Anaesthesiologist-KNH)

Dr. Idris Chikophe (Consultant Anaesthesiologist-KNH)

Frequency of Publication: 

Vol 2, May 2018

The Kenya Journal of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine (KJACCM) the Scientific Publication of the KSA.

In this Edition an anaesthesiologist pens an article highliting a Practical Approach and Real Interpretation with an Insiders View that sets out to Define an Anaesthesiologist in Holistic Terms Beyond Simply the Delivery of the Anaesthestic.

Among the items pointed out in this edition are Theatre Time Utilization , Skill in Airway Management and Improving service delivery to Elderly Population and Patients with Non-Communicable Lifestyle Diseases.