The Kenya Journal of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. A Scientific Publication of the Kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists Volume 1, Jan 2018

Editor -in-Chief: Dr. Louis Litswa (Chair-KSA, Consultant Anaesthesiologist)


1.Dr. Thomas Chokwe( HOD Anaesthesia Dept)

2.Dr. Jane Gwaro

3.Dr. Zipporah Gathuya

4.Dr. George Njogu

5.Dr. Carolyne Njoki

6.Dr. David Misango

7.Dr. I dris  Chikophe

Dr. Thomas Chokwe (HOD and Snr. Lecturer Anaesthesia Dept)

Dr. George Njogu (Consultant Anaesthesiologist-KNH)

Dr. Idris Chikophe (Consultant Anaesthesiologist-KNH)

Frequency of Publication: 


First  Edition

The Anaesthesia Department has Collaborated with  the kenya Society of Anaesthesiologists,and Critical Care Medicine(KJACCM) to produce a quartely Edition of this Scientific Publication. 

The Jounal aims to give a platform for Publication of Previously Undocumented and Archived Research Material, Clinical Case Reports, Review articles as well as Editorial in matters Partinent to both Anaesthesia and Critical Care