Kisii Outreach. Dr Charana's Perspective
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Two of our residents, Dr Charana and Dr Nyamari and one fellow from the PAF programme , Dr Chanda participated in a surgical camp in Kisii earlier this year. Here is Dr Charana's experience ,

"We attended a medical camp which was held in Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital during the period of 1st dec to 6th dec. It was sponsored by  non profit organisation by the name "Help a Child Face Tomorrow" spearheaded by Dr. Onguti. 

From uon anesthesia department was attended by two part II anesthesia registrars, Dr. Nyamari and Dr. Charana, one paediatric anesthesia fellow Dr. Chanda. We had two consultants from KNH anesthesia department Dr. Opere and Dr. Gwaro. 

A total of 78 patients were operated on, majority of them were paediatric patients with cleft lip and palate and urological problems and a few for orthopaedic cases. 

We acquired a lot of skills in paediatric anesthesia, regional anesthesia and working in resource limited setting. 

We appreciate support from our senior colleagues dr. Opere, dr. Gwaro and dr .Chanda and finally the anesthesia department for giving us the opportunity and support to take part in the camp."

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Co-curricular Activities
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